Turkey Time Tools By Carina Sohaili


Eat normally and don’t skip meals or eat less during the day in anticipation for a huge feast at night. If you do, it will be very hard to tell when you are actually full and you will end up overeating – more than you normally would. Don’t focus on the ‘feast’ focus on family, friends and why you are at your meal – to be around the people you love.

Eat your Turkey first. Turkey is a great protein source, and protein keeps you more satisfied and full for a longer amount of time. It also stabilizes your blood sugar levels which will reduce your desire for seconds and thirds of those sugary sweets. Go for the light meat instead of the dark meat; light meat has less saturated fat (the unhealthy fat) than the dark.

Be real; cook with real cranberries and real pumpkin, not the canned version. Canned cranberries are loaded with overly processed sugar, chemicals and other preservatives.

Most importantly, be grateful for everything in life your life and spread the holiday love. Happy Thanksgiving!

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