Custom Programs


You don’t change by chance, you change by change.

Knowledge is power.

Learn the tools you need to be the best version of yourself – inside and out.

  • One person’s fuel is another person’s poison. I truly believe everyone is a fingerprint; different and unique. Moreover…
  • Everyone is BUSY, overwhelmed and it is very hard to set aside time to change habits. That is why I am here. Life is hard already. I want to make this easy.  
  • From business executives who travel the country, to entertainment executives working long hours on set, to young career men/women who feel run down, drained or love going out to new restaurants every night of the week – no client is the same and it is never too late to gain the proper tools to make your life easier as well as feel better. 
  • Sessions can be on Skype, the phone, face-time or in person; whatever is most convenient for you. The option of virtual sessions leaves no room for excuses.

The Quick and Simple: One Lifestyle Modification Session

  • Go through a health history, understand your body, your daily routine, activity level and how it effects the fuel you put inside
  • Learn the right foods/mental tools you need for the goals you want to accomplish whether it is weight loss, weight management, increasing energy, toning up, metabolism boosting, how to eat out, breaking habits that no longer serve you or dealing with issues you have not wanted to face while living life
  • The session will be specific – including a set of guidelines that work for you in your life as well as a which next step is best for you
    • The session can be tailored to a specific topic such as changing habits, eating out, skin issues, metabolism boosting, maintenance or increasing energy.

The Three Session Lifestyle Package

  • Three weekly sessions on face time, phone or in person
  • These sessions will give you the basis of what you need to do to set up goals, accomplish all you want to accomplish and have an exact plan to change habits as well as focus on specific goals based on your personalized roadmap

The Six Session Lifestyle Package

  • An action plan and customized roadmap will be set up based on your personal body type, lifestyle and goals
  • The specific plan or program will be implemented in six weekly one on one sessions over the phone, on face time or in person.
  • In these sessions you will gain the tools to accomplish:
    • All of the health goals that you want to accomplish from achieving your ideal weight, toning up, to maintenance (eating out, traveling and upholding energy levels), finding time for physical activity that you actually enjoy, and balance in a hectic life (if that is what you want to accomplish).
    • Deal with issues around food that you have always wanted to solve: cravings, business dinners, how to be social, eating emotionally, eating when you are bored, stressed or tired, overeating, and learning about new foods that taste great.
  • Have support in forming new habits, conquering old habits that no longer serve you and learn how to implement these changes to gain lasting results.
  • It is very easy to know what to do but much harder to put it into action without the proper support and guidance over a consistent period of time.

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Remember, focus on progress, not perfection & do YOU

XO, Carina