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Fruit on an empty stomach…

Recently one of my clients asked me about eating fruit on an empty stomach as a snack option. We all love munching into a delicious fruit and for some people it’s a great choice but for others it can be a disaster. Why? When you eat fruit alone it tends to spike your blood sugar, making you more ravished an hour later with decreased energy. Try pairing fruit with a healthy fat such as almonds or protein like Greek yogurt. Always listen to your body and figure out what works for you. Be in touch with your true hunger levels; you may find that you will feel more satisfied and have longer lasting energy to hold you over until your next meal when you do a combination instead of a fruit alone. But if you find that your body loves munching into that amazing apple and it keeps you fueled until your next meal, go for it. Everyone is different, with different body types and lifestyles.


Stevia: the REAL deal

Kick that fake artificial sweetener habit now, putting chemicals in your body is not the way to go. Real, all natural and non-processed is the answer. Try stevia! It is an herb and all natural sweetener made from the leaves of stevia plant. Stevia has no chemicals, no alcohols and it doesn’t raise blood sugar. Sprinkle it in smoothies, on popcorn or in your morning oatmeal if you are using fake sweeteners. Your body will thank you and feel so much better. You can find stevia at your local market in the baking section. Why not give it a try! If the taste of stevia is not for you and you need a little something sweet opt for all natural raw brown sugar but don’t go too crazy. If you slowly cut back on the amount of sugar you use, your body will adjust and with time you will find that you won’t need as much.


Pretty Pretty Peach: National Peach Month!

August is national peach month! Pick the perfect peach and let your body reap the benefits! Get your potassium fix through this fabulous fruit. People with low potassium levels suffer a variety of different symptoms such as low energy, weak muscles, poor memory and hypertension. So remember to get your daily dose of this mineral. Peaches are 80% water and a great source of water-soluble fiber keeping you fuller for longer. They also contain iron, and a variety of different vitamins. The Vitamin A in peaches is great for your vision, immune system and skin. Unlike most fruits peaches contain both calcium and phosphorus. Research has shown that for bone strength calcium needs to use phosphorus, and calcium doesn’t work as well alone to build those beautiful bones. Take advantage of national peach month and indulge in a juicy, delicious, pretty-pretty peach! Feeling festive? Below are 10 divine healthy peach recipes courtesy of FitSugar! Don’t be afraid to get creative in your kitchen!

Healthy Peach Recipes:


Cravings: Curious about why you crave certain foods?

There are a variety of different factors both physical and psychological; I work with clients to understand and conquer their personal cravings. High sugar and saturated fat foods (think processed junk foods) increase your levels of ghrelin, a hormone that stimulates your appetite and makes you crave more fake, highly processed foods. If you balance your blood sugar levels with the right combination of foods every three to four hours, you will feel empowered, satisfied and not craving that junk food. Not to mention you will feel happier, be more productive and simply glow!


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