Stevia: the REAL deal

Kick that fake artificial sweetener habit now, putting chemicals in your body is not the way to go. Real, all natural and non-processed is the answer. Try stevia! It is an herb and all natural sweetener made from the leaves of stevia plant. Stevia has no chemicals, no alcohols and it doesn’t raise blood sugar. Sprinkle it in smoothies, on popcorn or in your morning oatmeal if you are using fake sweeteners. Your body will thank you and feel so much better. You can find stevia at your local market in the baking section. Why not give it a try! If the taste of stevia is not for you and you need a little something sweet opt for all natural raw brown sugar but don’t go too crazy. If you slowly cut back on the amount of sugar you use, your body will adjust and with time you will find that you won’t need as much.


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