Tips For A Healthy Relationship With Food By Carina Sohaili

I have clients who know how to eat right but find it very hard to learn balance. Here are some tips I give them to help them establish a healthy relationship with food.

Be in tune with your cravings. Indulge in a balanced way and never deprive yourself. Depriving your body will only lead to a damaging cycle of binging and then more deprivation. Your body craves certain foods for a reason. Be in tune with what your body wants and eat a moderate portion consistently so it is not considered a forbidden food.

Eat mindfully, slowly and enjoy the process. Everyone is always on the go and has a million things to do. Make an effort to take time and chew each bite of your meal consciously while enjoying the food you put into your body. Learn to savor the few minutes you have to nourish yourself while taking a break from your crazy day.

Don’t extreme diet. Live an overall healthy balanced lifestyle. Extreme dieting is a recipe for disaster. Not only does it harm your body physically but emotionally it will take a toll on your true hunger levels. Diets do more damage than good – make gradual changes over time.


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