Client Testimonial: Actress Charlotte Kirk


As an actress in Los Angeles part of my job is staying in shape. I wanted to get in shape in a healthy way but was so confused about all of the different nutrition advice and diet information I came across. Carina’s counseling sessions were tailored to my specific needs. I am originally from London where the lifestyle is very different. I am always on the go and Carina taught me how to fuel my body with the proper nutrition, make healthy choices and even tamed my sweet tooth! I have never felt better, looked better and been more confident. I love eating the right foods for my body. When Carina tells you that she will support you throughout the process and you will start feeling great from the inside out, she means it”


I am so touched by Charlotte’s kind words and so proud of her!

* All of my clients always remain confidential unless they are excited and proud to share their success

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