Smart Eating Solutions

Here are two tips that always help my clients get started on a healthier, happier path. The challenge is putting the tips into action. I work with my clients to provide them with the best support possible and create goals based on their habits, lifestyles and patterns to figure out how to change their behaviors overtime.

  1. Be a planner and never starve. Life is unexpected. Always have a healthy snack on hand so you never become ravished between meals and then overeat. Keep an easy to grab snack in your purse, car and office desk drawer. Be prepared for the unexpected and never let yourself get too hungry.
  2. Be in tune with your cravings. Indulge in a balanced way and never deprive yourself. Depriving your body will only lead to a damaging cycle of binging and then more deprivation. Your body craves certain foods for a reason. Be in tune with what your body wants and eat a moderate portion consistently so it is not considered a forbidden food.


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