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This Halloween Go Dark: Indulge in Dark Chocolate By Carina Sohaili

Halloween is a time for friends, family, costumes and candy. Yes, there are delicious healthy choices like apples and nuts but I am always about listening to your body, balance and never depriving yourself. Depriving your body does more damage than good and eventually leads you to overeating then continuing an unhealthy cycle. That being said, if you are going to indulge this holiday go for some dark chocolate! Here are some of the delicious, divine benefits of going dark:

  1. Dark Chocolate increases blood flow to the heart and the brain, improving cognitive function (thought processing).
  1. Candy is normally associated with cavities. Dark chocolate contains Theobromine which hardens your tooth enamel lowering the risk of cavities.
  1. Dark chocolate is high in potassium and copper. Copper and potassium are great for cardiovascular health.
  1. Dark chocolate is loaded with antioxidants. Eating antioxidant rich foods help protect your body against certain types of cancer, infection as well as help slow down the signs of aging.